Born towards the end of the 1970s, Mark grew up in Melbourne, Australia. His parents were on a spiritual journey of their own and as a young boy growing up, Mark moved through various churches until at the age of 12, he and his family settled upon the large local church of Waverley Christian Fellowship (now CityLife Church).

Mark was also part of, and subsequently the Producer/Director of the youth radio program Solstice which was broadcast around Australia and overseas through the international radio station HCJB.

Mark has a passion for studying the Word of God and has preached on occasion. He loves sharing the Word and has done so individually and in small groups. He loves the redemption plan of Christ and how Jesus is the focal point of redemptive history.

In March of 2002 Mark married his beautiful bride Jeanette and they started their own life together. They have one daughter, Rebekah, and two sons, Noah and Josiah. Their journey has taken them through some churches and currently they are making their church home at Crossway in Melbourne.


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