Commitment to the Cause

More than once Jesus deliberately addressed certain issues that quickly diminished the number of onlookers…it was commitment that thinned the ranks.

– Chuck Swindoll –


3 thoughts on “Commitment to the Cause

  1. I have just begun a new era in my christian life, thanks to God for taking me out of the restrictive church I had been in for lo long. I have been called to discipleship and one of the things which I talk about up front with any new converts ( because of the training I have been given) is the fact that a Christian is not called to a “nice” life of comfort- he will be required to labor for the master and it will require self-denial. I tell new converts that to die to self and live for Christ is a cause that will require integrity and commitment. I am amazed at the excitement it brings to some of the hearers- young people in particular are hungry for a reason to live and a call to a higher, nobler cause. They just need to hear God is roaming and searching for such people.

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