Love verses Lust

The desire of love is to give. The desire of lust is to get.

– Ed Cole –


50 thoughts on “Love verses Lust

    1. Thats a lie. Love is about giving and lust is only focused on taking. The best Sex you can ever have is when you’re both for eachother- giving, not about what you can take. That leaves you high and dry and empty.

      1. oh I see how this works, I was saying what Anuj Srivastava wrote was a lie (sorry, you’re not the only one who believes it). But the quote is true, very true

  1. says those who spell love as ‘luv’?

    lust and infatuations leads to passion and passionate sex. although this passion caused by lust easily confuses the mind that it is love.

  2. For me there has always been a blur between what truly is love,
    and what alone is simply lust.
    I love the fact that she loves me, and the sex is always good. But I could feel pretty much that way about anybody. Guess I will never be happy with what I have.

  3. Lust is a desire to satisfy the flesh and it is not patient, it wants what it wants and at the time it wants it, Love on the other hand is from GOD and it is patient (1st cor 13:4), always willing to wait for the right time.

    1. Yes i agree with that. Lust is impatient. It only focuses in its wants and aftrr it gets what it wants comes the desire of wanting more form others and leave the hopeless victim. While love is patient. Honest. Forgiving and loyal.

  4. Lust: $(put your price here); Love, priceless. Lust is in the moment; Love is what consumes the moment and never ends.

  5. Whose the author of confusion?..Love is never confusing…It’s like glue…It makes you stick together for better or for worse…Lust is not of the Spirit but of the Flesh…It can bring on a lot of pain,and sorrow…If you look at someone and feel the urge to lust look away…We have a chose…Love is everlasting…Lust is selfish and doesn’t last…Fight the good fight…Keep the faith and be Strong…ALL things work out in God’s time…

  6. love is completely different than lust. lust is when you desire for the touch or for the love of that someone that’s when a person starts is everything from pain to joy from forgiveness to hatered, comprimise, understanding, being faithful, and when truely in love it is true that one goes blind because they can not see the flaws in their partner as a person who is not in love would see.

  7. I think that you need lust just as much as you need love, yes lust is about taking, but love is about giving and taking. To lust for some one is only to have that initial instinctive attraction for the opposite sex, you might as well call attraction lust. for with-out attraction there truly isn’t any love present. You don’t need to be attracted by there physical, you could also be attracted by there mental or there spiritual attributes. All in All, i feel you can not have 1 with out the other.

    1. so is lust all about SEX?…..cus ma gurl told me she likes me but she dnt feel any love 4 me n when she com to ma house all she want from me is making sex.and idk wat to do….plz help me fellas

  8. True love is real, and it lasts forever. True love doesn’t pressure one another, true love only wishes for the other person to be safe and happy. Lust can often be mistaken for love, but it will end abruptly and bite you in the butt faster than you can say the word for the seventh deadly sin itself. Love isn’t about lust or sex at all; it’s about caring for the other person like they are your life. I learned this awhile back, but couldn’t exactly put it into words. This site actually helped me write a song about it. Thanks. 🙂

  9. I myself think love is a wonderful thing.Love comes from God.You would definiteful know if you’re in love.Wow! its such a wonderful feeling and a blessing.Lust on the other hand is just sinful,nothing comes out of it but just sin.


  11. Love is the summary of all virtues flowered by emotions like desire which may well be intepreted as lust yet something cannot cantain itself in our 3 dimensional love so much that love is devoid of lust.

  12. Love is a seed that shall surely sprout and yield a thousand fold…lust is one that shall surely farment or sprout and yield a thousand fold wild bittter grapes.

    I just love quotes and wisdom in general…God bless

  13. love is so deep that it is more than a feeling,,, feelings can be loss, but if u love then there a commitment and loves grow.. on the other hand lust is temporary, everyone will grow old and ugly and loss interest, but in love even when ur old and ugly love remains.. hope u see the difference:)

  14. I would rather choose LUST over LOVE . Only Because if you have LOVED so many times that you can’t LOVE no more . All that is really left is LUST .
    Why I chose LUST . Simple . Because it’s like Benefit Friends . It’s just SEX . & You can’t get your HEART BROKEN with LUST then with LOVE.
    But if anything I would get LUST from the one I LOVE . ❤

  15. Love seems to be more adorable. Still,U can’t deny the fact; Today LOVE survives only in typical bollywood movies………on the other hand,LUST is everywhere around (take a look!)

  16. i met a guy who had a gf and i feel like i love him but people are saying i lust him but when i see him i smile when he msgs me my stomach flips and when our eyes connect i look away instantly hes smart funny and sweet but never spoke in person do i love or lust

  17. aag kis ko nai kha saktha, samandar mein kya nai sama saktha, kaal kisi nahi maar sakatha, bilkul eeshi thara pyar har kisi ke dil mein basahoova hai aur isko shai tarike se isthamal karna chayehe.

  18. Love is something that we feel or give unconditionally.Lust in contrast is strong desire which leads us to hatred and loneliness, but thats true for sex only.Lust for love,life,laughter and anything which is unconditional is good.All you need to do is redefine what you love and what you desire.

  19. Love ultimately can lead 2 uncoditional sex….and when in the peak of sex….who the hell is loking at the face! It jst love or the body parts obviously lust….and when turns back 2 huggn and cuddling lust replaced by love…!

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