Secret Sins

Take heed of secret sins. They will undo thee if loved and maintained: one moth may spoil the garment; one leak drown the ship; a penknife stab and kill a man as well as a sword; so one sin may damn the soul; nay, there is more danger of a secret sin causing the miscarrying of the soul than open profaneness, because not so obvious to the reproofs of the world; therefore take heed that secret sinnings eat not out good beginnings.

– Jeremiah Burroughs –


2 thoughts on “Secret Sins

  1. I suspect that in spite of all his good teachings, Jeremiah Burroughs may have been confused on the matter of eternal security. The only sin that “damns the soul” is the sin of rejecting Christ. Once in Christ however, secret sin will certainly rob one of the fellowship intended for the believer. One may never fully realize the full effect of secret sin on others. See Joshua Chapter 7 for the account of “Achan”.

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