He is

To the uneducated, He is the Great Teacher
To the thinker, He is the wisest of all
To the sick, He is the great physician
To the architect, He is the chief cornerstone
To the farmer, He is Lord of the Harvest.
To the philosopher, He is the great I am.
To the reader, He is the author of Life.
To the widow, He is the Kinsman redeemer.
To the biologist, He is the genesis of life.
To the orphan, He is the Father
To the refugee, He is the strong refuge
To the fearful, He is the fearless One.
To the lost, He is the way.
To the poor, He is their reward.
To the hurt, he is their comfort.
To the gardener, He is the rose of Sharon
To the the herdsman, he is the great Shepherd.
To the stranger, He is a friend that never leaves.
To the helpless, He is a very present help.
To the thirsty, He is the everlasting water.
To the bound, He is their freedom.
To the weary, He is their rest.
To the empty, He is the all in all
To the downcast, He is the glory and the lifter of their heads.
To the weak, He is the mighty warrior.
To the proud, He is the chief of servants.
To the sinner, He is the Saviour.
To me, He is my Lord

Mark Fox © 2006


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