Fully Relying On God

No soul can be really at rest until it has given up all dependence on everything else and has been forced to depend on the Lord alone. As long as our expectation is from other things, nothing but disappointment awaits us. Feelings may change, and will change with our changing circumstances; doctrines and dogmas may be upset; Christian work may come to naught; prayers may seem to lose their fervency; promises may seem to fail; everything that we have believed in or depended upon may seem to be swept away, and only God is left, just God, the bare God, if I may be allowed the expression; simply and only God.

– Hannah Whitall Smith –


8 thoughts on “Fully Relying On God

  1. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for this one…

    I’m in that place right now, exactly as you describe it.

    It’s not a good feeling when things seem to fall apart around you and there is nothing you can do.

    I DO feel hapless and powerless at the moment, and I DO know that God will never leave me and let me fall. He promised not to!

    But I’m praying desperately for Him to come and take my hand so I can get up again, AND that I can know and see what it is that he is teaching me on this one…

    Not sure why I’m writing this here or if anyone will even look at it…

    Thanks in any case!


  2. Josh darling,
    the lord cares for you, he sees every little tear drop we cry , he understands every little moment and sound …right where you are so you can feel his loving arms around you.he really cares for you , i pray that he meets you

  3. hannah, I really needed to hear this today. I am struggling with other people and their control on my future. I tend to forget to “fully rely on God” in all situations. thank you for this quote. I am going to copy it and post it where I can see it daily, I pray you don’t mind.

  4. Hannah, Your words are surely inspired from God. Dealing with a Brain tumor and an ill husband now I’ve been on my knees more in prayer then ever before..In HIM I find the strength that only HE provides.
    I feel God carrying me when I feel weak…I am not afraid…I Know I have EVERYTHING I need to get me through this journey and beyond …GOD..HIS WORDS go through my brain and puts me at peace..I fully rely on God and it’s the Greatest place to be..

  5. I know I have God who always walks beside me,I also know that he is my strength and in him alone i must give in, but sometimes there are so many things lurking around me that I can’t help falling for them…I just want to be free from this bondage that enslaves me…

  6. Three years and thirteen days ago my wife went home to be with the Lord. There was no question as to her destination she loved the Lord with every fiber of her being, but knowing where she was and that she was happy didn’t stop me from felling the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. As an assistant Pastor I had sat with many people who had lost someone they loved and tried to comfort them, but when my time came there was no comfort, but I thank God that he held on to me when I wasn’t strong enough to hold on to him.

  7. Thank u much fr upload this beautiful and incouraging verse…i ask yr permission to share it with my friends….its realy true and wonderful…

  8. This is a very good saying! At this point in life, where I am, I really am learning that we can always depend on God and he will always be there for us! There are moments when I feel like everything is just falling out of place and that there is nothing to live for but I know that God is right by me! He encourages me everyday!!

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