Calling God ‘Father’

The Muslims have some ninety-nine different names for God. Creator, Enricher, Watcher, Avenger, these different names will feature in a Muslim’s prayer. Not one of them is “Father”. But it would be impossible for a Christian to compile a list of even two or three names for God, without “Father” being one of them. It is the name by which we know him best.

The implications of this for the prayer life are enormous. The person who, through faith in Christ, has entered the family of God no longer regards prayer as a means of twisting the arm of a reluctant deity, of squeezing favours out of a distant and all-powerful benefactor. As one of the old Bible commentators puts it, What a distance between us in our helplessness and God in his glory, but Father reaches all the way!

-Richard Bewes-

Talking About Prayer


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